Who we are

FIRM is a financial services project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). We support two U.S. government initiatives – Feed the Future and the Global Climate Change – in three key thematic areas: agriculture, clean/renewable energy and policy reform.

FIRM facilitates the expansion of financial services and investment for entrepreneurs and businesses by designing profitable and sustainable financial services models that enable long-term economic growth necessary to improve livelihoods and build resiliency. FIRM utilizes Development Credit Authority (DCA) loan guarantees, technical assistance and consulting to de-risk credit processes used by financial and non-financial institutions across current market segments and new business opportunities. FIRM also supports key policy reforms critical to the ongoing safe and sound evolution of the financial sector. We capitalize on opportunities that advance the frontier of financial services into, for example, water, health, and education, in order to benefit marginalized and excluded populations across Kenyan society, including women and youth.

To achieve these objectives, FIRM works in partnership with and supports a wide variety of commercial actors in the financial services industry, government of Kenya agencies and stakeholders, associations, donors, business service providers, and consultants.